The Scoop Fare Story

Hi! we are the creators behind your favourite ride-share booking service, scoopfare. We started this project in early May 2018 as our final project for Bitmaker's Full Stack Web Development Immersive bootcamp.

If memory serves us right, we had a minimum viable product that was able to show prices for a given journey about 3 days into this project. At which point we were almost certain scoopfare's development would be a walk in the park. But boy were we wrong, in software development, the name of the game is 'expect the unexpected'. We hit error after error, front end breaking left right and centre; but the band soldiered on to build what we have today, a simple easy to use applet that even your grandmother could use.

Karen Gamis

Karen Gamis

Front-End Developer

Turning images to code was my primary responsibility. I worked closely with Sheneille as I implemented her designs into our functioning application, while adding some javascript for functionality. We made sure Scoop Fare looks appealing to our clients.

Hasan Nasem

Hasan Naseem

Back-End & Front-End Developer

I love building and working with APIs! So I built the API that powers up ScoopFare!, I also love to work in a team and I think with a collective brain power and problem-solving skills we can move mountains and sprint forward in all aspects of life.

Gustavo De Mattos

Full Stack Developer

Making this app faster, solving problems and developing features that I had no idea where to start, made me very confident about choosing a developer life. Now I know that nothing is "impossible" for a great group of people working together!

Shashike Jayatunge

Back-End Developer

I am extremely proud of what my team was able to achieve in such a short amount of time, and I would like to thank Yukihiro Matsumoto, Linus Torvalds and David Heinemeier Hansson for it was for their contributions to open-source that allowed us to stand on the shoulders of giants and create Scoopfare.

Sheneille Patil

UX/UI Designer

My role was to implement the branding and visual design for the app. During this time I worked closely with Karen, providing assets, style sheets and UI specs for development. Personally, it was a great experience working with the โ€˜ developer teamโ€™ ๐Ÿ™‚ I learnt a lot from them and it was a thrilling experience to see it all come together!! :D